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Braddan Purchase KranXpert Software

KranXpert is a revolutionary state-of-the-art computerized lift planning software.

KranXpert has changed the way we develop lift plans, Kranxpert is so easy and fast to use and we can plan the majority of our jobs, even simple run of the mill jobs, faster and more efficiently than using the older manual methods.

It only takes a few minutes to drop Google Earth imagery, to scale, into KranXpert. If our customer has ground plans for the job, these too can easily be imported into KranXpert. This allows us to show the operator and the client exactly where we plan on setting up the crane.

This will save our staff time on the job itself and greatly clarifies things for the customer.

The power of KranXpert for us is its simplicity and speed. We can produce accurately scaled 3-D lift plans in minutes.